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1 November — 14 December 2012: Support the Tree Project on Pozible

As we head towards the final stages of assembly of the Tree, we've launched a crowdfunding campaign to seek extra support. It's been an enormous undertaking so far for everyone involved and we've still got a large amount of work ahead of us. This campaign will fund the assembly to completion.

We're looking to raise $12,000 or more before 14 December, (more funding will help us host an unveiling event so people can come and see the tree when it's finally assembled.) Crowdfunding gives people the opportunity to pledge funding support of any amount which will only be processed when the target of $12,000 is reached. We've chosen Pozible, a reputable Australian crowdfunding platform to host our campaign.

Please visit for more information and to see how we're going. We'd be grateful if you can share this with anyone you think may be interested. The more people who hear about the campaign, the greater chance we have of success.

17 & 18 November, 24 & 25 November: Main Tree Branches Displayed for the First Time

Two of the main branches laid out

Two of the main branches laid out at Open Studios, Dunmoochin

The main branches of the Tree have been laid out for display as part of the Nillumbik Open Studios event. If you'd like to have a look at the branches, watch some live blacksmithing and see the beautiful rose from Norway come along to Dunmoochin, 105 Barreenong Road, Cottles Bridge from 11am–5pm Saturday and Sunday 17th and 18th November and 24th & 25th November. All welcome.

8 November 2012: Launch of the AusBlacksmiths YouTube Channel

Our newly launched YouTube Channel: AusBlacksmiths is where we'll be posting some footage of the trunk forging and branch forging, and eventually the welding and assembly.

One of our first videos to be put on the channel (above) has been made by the talented Tracey Wightman and her film crew; Andrew Blogg and Tim Purdie who came to the first day of the trunk forging at Overall Forge in Albury. The team have graciously allowed us to show this footage on our website and YouTube channel. Thanks to the film crew and to Overall Forge who allowed us to film and photograph the event.

In the long term, this channel is where we plan to post footage of blacksmithing techniques and instructional videos in order to share knowledge of the craft.

AusBlacksmiths on YouTube

29 October 2012: Students at Eltham High School Raise Funds for the Tree Project

Amazing cakes!

Some of the incredible cakes made by Eltham High School students

Students from the Arise program at Eltham High School ran a very successful cake and ice cream stall to raise funds for the Tree Project. We're very grateful to all the fabulous and creative cooks who made some stunning cakes. Thanks also to Wendy who runs the program and to Kira for the ice cream.

17 October 2012: Eucalyptus Rose; a Gift from Norway arrives in Australia

The Eucalyptus Rose- a Gift from Norway

The Eucaluptus Rose- a gift from our friends in Norway

Stephen has returned from Norway with a gift from our friends Tobbe and Tone, the Norwegian blacksmiths creating the Roses for Norway sculpture; an elegant forged steel rose. Instead of rose leaves, the rose has eucalyptus leaves and gumnuts. This is a beautiful symbol of the fraternity between blacksmiths and the link between the Roses for Norway Project and the Australian Tree Project. Thanks to Tobbe and Tone for this beautiful gift and to Stephen for taking our roses across to Norway.

Story of the Rose in the Diamond Valley Leader

4 September 2012: Australian Ambassador takes Steel Roses to Norway

The Eucalyptus Rose- a Gift from Norway

left: Stephen arrives in Norway right: One of the roses taken to Norway. This one is made by Ray Gard.

As part of the collaboration between Iron Rose of Norway and Australian Blacksmiths' Tree Project, our President of the Australian Blacksmiths Association (Victoria), Stephen, travelled to Norway to visit the forge at Bærum Verk and personally deliver over one dozen roses made by Australian blacksmiths. The Norwegian blacksmiths continue to collect steel roses from around the world to build their rose sculpture in memory of the horrific massacre in Norway last year.

Footage of the Steel Roses arriving in Norway (in Norwegian)

Roses for Norway Facebook page

Roses for Norway website

14, 16 & 28 August 2012: The Main Branches of the Tree are Forged

Mian Branch being Forged

Roland working under the Bradley Power Hammer, Forging one of the Main Branches of the Tree

The three 75mm main branches and nine 50mm sub-branches were forged under power hammers over three days at the Australian Blacksmiths Association (Victoria) workshop in Bundoora. The three main branches will connect directly to the trunk, each will support over 1000 leaves. All the branches are solid stainless steel.